I am happy to announce that, as of July 2020, I have retired. I would like to thank all of my past clients for their patronage and loyalty, and wish them all the best going forward.

If you are looking for Counselling, Consultation and Tarot Reading services, I highly recommend my friend, Kiley Moore M.A. B.Sc. She can be reached at 250.202.9695.


Hypnosis Counselling Services

  • Individuals: One on one sessions in my Campbell River office or Phone / Skype Sessions from anywhere you may be in the world.
  • Couples: Begin as one on one individual sessions, then you work together as a couple to learn skills and to communicate so you can enjoy a Happy Harmonious relationship.
  • Groups: One or Two Day, and Weekends. A wonderful place to learn skills, techniques and tools for a much happier productive life. ( See Workshop Page )

Guided Outcomes

  • Loving Yourself and Believing in Yourself
  • Honoring and Respecting Yourself
  • Self-healing, Forgiveness, Emotional release
  • Meditation Skills, Energy work, Relaxation of Body, Mind, & Spirit
  • Grounding your Energy, Living in your Body
  • Building Self-confidence & Self-esteem
  • Letting go Guilt, Grief, Fear, Stress, Anxiety, or Anger
  • Release Old Beliefs and/or Habits
  • Forgiveness (Giving and Receiving)
  • Opening to Self-Love
  • Communicating in Relationship
  • Past life regression and release
  • Closure in Life situations
  • Cronic Pain management and/or release
  • Dental, Medical, and Birthing Support
  • Inner guidance for decision making
  • Memory Improvement, Learning
  • Study skills and Test taking
  • Mentorship in taking the Next Step in your Business and/or Starting a New Business
  • Become a non-smoker or non-drinker
  • Weight release, Physical fitness
  • Emotional  blocks

Campbell River, Vancouver Island, BC
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